CD1 RFID Replicator

$139.79 $389.99

CD1-RFID Replicator is a comprehensive RFID read-write device that can copy and edit IC and ID proximity cards.


Carrier frequency: 13.56MHZ 、125/250/375/500/625/750/875/1000KHZ

RF distance: 1~3 cm

IC card range: Class A and B cards in line with ISO-14443 standard, e.g., MIF ARE card (Classics, DESFire), M1, S50, UID, CUID, etc.

ID card range: Proximity cards in line with ID standard, e.g., EM4305, 5200, 8800, T5577, HID, etc.

Host material: ABS

Operating system: Windows 7/ 8/10 and the same time Windows Server version

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