Elegant Audio: B6 Smart Call Watch

The B6 is a smart color-screen sport watch with the body-splitting transformation feature.
When its main body is taken out, it can be used as a Bluetooth earphone; after putting the body back, it can be used as a sport watch;
Its specialized functions include call number reporting, voice assistant, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure detection, blood oxygen inspection, sleep monitoring, sport statistics, NFC cloud service, alarm and so on.

Ceramic Bead Blasting Process
Ceramic bead anti-dazzle blasting process same with "iPhone11 Pro";
"Star sky black", "Drift sand gold" diffusive reflection matte colors.

Visual Impact
Pro-skin jelly watchband and dazzling allay watch buckle reflecting each other;
Creating self-own depth-of-field visual feeling.

Full Color Touch Crystal Screen
Made of quartz crystal with grade 7 Mohs hardness, processed with 3D curved surface polishing procedure, thereby having a smooth hand feeling and anti-scratch effect;
TFT reflective color touch screen making display clear and readable even under outdoor strong light

2 in 1 Transformative Body
Long-tested earphone and watch 2 in 1 split body, making it easy to fetch and steady to put.

3 in 1 Human Sensation Notification
Colorful light, linear motor and voice broadcasting;
Enabling visual, tactile and auditory all-dimensional notifications;
Letting you never miss any important phone call.

4 in 1 Calling Experience
Take out or short press to pick up, put back or long press to hang up;
Simple and easy-to-use operation design.

5 in 1 Smart Chip
AI smart chip, bluetooth5.0 chip, phone-call noise reduction chip, sport monitoring chip, health detection chip;
All-field coverage, a product with sincerity and performance more than simple addition.

6 in 1 Sport Features
Various specialized sport modes for walking, running, mountain-climbing, cycling and so on;
15-day enduring battery life, IP54 anti water and dust feature, making time and space not the obstacle of your sport anymore.

7 in 1 Professional Data
Step number, distance, calories, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep;
7 professional data helping accurately adjust your own sport strength and work-sleep rhythm;
And helping you maximize the health benefit of self-discipline.

8 in 1 NFC Cloud Service
Unique Cloud-NFC cloud service chip built in watchband;
Providing you 8 in 1 cloud service including
"Virtual Call",
"Location Message",
"SOS Message",
"Share V-card",
"Share URL",
"Finger Memo",
"Daily Horoscope",
"Period Calculator".

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