R4 Smart Ring Waterproof New JAKCOM technology


JAKCOM R4 is a multifunctional RFID finger ring,
The built-in IC and ID modules can take the place of Access card, Parking card, Membership card, Shopping card and other RFID cards;
The built-in NFC module can realize Virtual call, Scene notification, Business card sharing, Memo sharing and other featured cloud services.


JAKCOM R4 Smart Ring
IC / ID / NFC card simulation | iOS Android dual platform Cloud Application

Micro-crystal Zr ceramics 
JAKCOM R4 whole body is entirely made of micro-crystal Zr ceramics.
With excellent refractive index and chromatic dispersion, the device emits unique rounded luster.

Marathon process
Each ring needs to undergo forging for 2 days, sintering in a 1400 ℃ furnace for 5 days, thousand times of CNC polishing, coating and other post-procedures.
It takes 35 days to present the ring in front of you.

Nano feature
By virtue of the low thermal conductivity of Micro-crystal Zr ceramics, JAKCOM R4 has a gentle touch sense as jade. 
Possess 4 times the hardness of aluminum alloy, calmly deal with all kinds of scratches in daily life.

New flagship of smart ring
JAKCOM R4 is the fourth generation smart ring,
it carries with multiple sets of RFID chip modules.
And is capable of simulating four contactless RFID cards.
Once again, it becomes a new flagship product.

Brand new design, brand new breakthrough
The newly designed circuit structure has greatly reduced the electric field disturbance between the modules.
Compared with the previous generation of products, it has increased the transmit-receive distance by three times, and can be easily compatible with a variety of card reading devices.

Multi-frequency bands and multi-standards
From 125KHz to 13.56MHz, JAKCOM R4 can simulate encrypted IC cards or ID cards in a variety of formats,
help you to effectively deal with all-fields card swiping scenes.

Personal access card / Public access card
Elevator card / Parking card
Time card / Medical card
Shopping card / Gas filling card
Transportation card / Car key
Membership card / Customized card

NFC cloud services flying its own colors
The built-in featured cloud services can be respectively started through the two sets of NFC modules 
It can be used directly without APP installation and is Applicable to Android and iOS dual platforms.

Virtual call
JAKCOM R4 can quickly trigger a timed call on any mobile phone.
Creating a proper reason for departure 
Avoiding being embarrassed when needing to make a quick exit

Scene notification
JAKCOM R4 can quickly trigger multiple preset notifications on any mobile phone,
Save worry and make your family relieved at busy moments
Provide additional guarantee with the messages at critical moments

Hand-writing notepad
JAKCOM R4 can quickly open the dedicated notepad corresponding to the chip on any mobile phone.

Independent of fixed phone or APP, 
safe, fast and login free, easy on the trigger of editing and sharing.

Information sharing
JAKCOM R4 can share various cloud information, e.g.,
encrypted text, business card, web pages, network disk files.
Endow each encounter with full of color.
Leave deep impression on each courteous reception.

Continuously updated fingertip intelligent device  
JAKCOM development team continues to update more special functions for R4 Smart Ring, and will update your device synchronously.

Waterproof and dust-proof
The dust-proof waterproof level of JAKCOM R4 is IP68, and it can meet the application requirements of various environments.

No need to charge
JAKCOM R4 is driven by the radio energy of the read-write equipment.
Charging is not needed. No need to worry about the battery life and no need to take this prize off your finger.

Size selection
Standard US size, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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