Elegant Audio R4 Smart Ring Technology

$229.79 $449.99

The Elegant Audio R4 is a multifunctional RFID Smart Ring,   


It is as elegant as it is intellectual, with its built-in IC and ID modules it takes the place of all your access cards.  Such as parking, membership, shopping, and all other RFID cards.

The built-in NFC module can realize virtual calls, send notifications, business card sharing, memo sharing, and other featured cloud services to include the S.O.S. alert feature.  All this technology and more with absolutely no charging.  Elegant Audio's R4 Smart Ring delivering future technology, today.

 One-year Full Warranty included.

Elevator card / Parking cards

Time card / Medical card
Shopping card / Gas filling card
Transportation card / Car key
Membership card / Customized card

NFC cloud services flying its own colors
The built-in featured cloud services can be respectively started through the two sets of NFC modules 
It can be used directly without APP installation and is Applicable to Android and iOS dual platforms.

Virtual call
R4 can quickly trigger a timed call on any mobile phone.
Creating a proper reason for departure 
Avoiding being embarrassed when needing to make a quick exit

Scene notification
R4 can quickly trigger multiple preset notifications on any mobile phone,
Save worry and make your family relieved at busy moments
Provide additional guarantee with the messages at critical moments

Hand-writing notepad
R4 can quickly open the dedicated notepad corresponding to the chip on any mobile phone.

Information sharing
The R4 can share various cloud information, e.g.,
encrypted text, business card, web pages, network disk files.

Waterproof and dust-proof

No need to charge
The Elegant Audio R4 is driven by the radio energy of the read-write equipment.
Charging is not needed. No need to worry about the battery life and no need to take this prize off your finger.

Size selection
Standard US size, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


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